Quick & Refreshing “Citrusy” Summer Drinks

citrusy summer drink recipesWhew – it’s a hot one out there today! With temperatures peaking above 90 degrees by this afternoon, summer is definitely in full swing in my neck of the woods.

To help beat the heat, here are a few quick and refreshing citrusy summer drinks you can try. Even better, these recipes use fresh, natural ingredients and are SO much better than anything you can get out of a can or from a powdered mix. 


An all-time summer classic, Limeade is naturally delicious and refreshing – and super quick and easy to make!

Juice four to six fresh ripe limes, (an inexpensive fruit juicer comes in handy for this), then combine with one liter of lemon-lime seltzer water (you can find this in the soda aisle of your local grocery store).  If you like things a little sweeter, add sugar to taste.

Serve over ice in tall glasses and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, if desired.

Lime Sherbert Punch

Here is something fun the kids can enjoy on a hot summer day!

Simply grab a big bowl and combine a quart of lime sherbert, one liter of ginger ale, a can of sliced pineapples (with juice), and sliced rounds of lemon and lime.

It’s pretty AND delicious!

Sparkling Italian Lemonade

This is not your average lemonade! Infused with basil, this version offers a new twist on an old favorite.

Lemon and basil naturally pair well together – so don’t be afraid to try them here. You may never go back to plain ol’ lemonade again.

To get started, you’ll first need to make some simple syrup.

In a saucepan, put two cups of sugar, one cup of water, and a handful of washed and chopped fresh basil leaves. Over medium heat, cook this until the sugar melts and the liquid reduces just a bit. Then set aside and let the syrup cool.

To make the lemonade, juice about 12 to 15 lemons to produce about two cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Put the juice into a pitcher and add in two cups of the basil infused simple syrup. Then pour in two cups of sparkling water, add ice as desired, and serve immediately, using sprigs of fresh basil to garnish.

And Now for a Few the Adults Will Enjoy…

The following recipes contain alcohol, so these ‘spirited’ drinks are meant for adults only. The freshness of the ingredients make these adult drinks stand out from the rest.

Mimosa Punch

Mimosa Punch is great for summer brunches and social gatherings. Sophisticated and super easy to make, this just might become your standby summer drink recipe!

You’ll need one can of orange juice concentrate (thawed), a bottle of club soda, and a bottle or two of sparkling wine or champagne.

Combine the thawed orange juice and about four cups of ice cold club soda and stir until they are well mixed. Once those two ingredients are together in a punch bowl, start adding the sparkling wine or champagne to taste, pour into flutes and serve with a fresh twist of orange and a sprig of mint.

Lemon Cucumber Gin Punch

Fun, refreshing AND tasty, this citrusy summer beverage is the perfect warm weather drink.

Simply combine the juice of four lemons, along with the rinds, cut up a bit, into a bowl.  Add one cup of sugar (more or less to taste). Let this ‘steep’ for about half hour to one hour, then strain, discarding the lemon rinds.

Slice a large washed and unpeeled cucumber into thin rounds and put them to a pitcher. Then, pour in the strained lemon juice.  Add a full bottle of gin and let it steep for two hours. Serve chilled over a tall glass of ice.

No doubt about it – summertime is here, making this the perfect time to try these quick and refreshing citrusy beverages.  Enjoy!

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